Collage on Oberlin Student’s Dorm Wall


Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Creator: Lotte Brewer and Andy Krew

Date Created: 2015-2016

Location: East Dorm

Context: Since I was young, i’ve alway been collecting items and curating them in some sort of space. My laptop, notebooks, and water bottle are carefully curated with political stickers and drawings that represent me and my views, and i think the personal is political, and therefore i have to tote my politics wherever i go. I was never interested in scrapbooking, so the walls of my bedroom became a gallery for all my mementos. I have continued that in college, dedicating one wall in my room to these tokens, and leaving space to add things throughout the year.

Items listed:

  • Love Trumps Hate sign from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign- I received this at a debate screening party in the science center
  • Vintage post card I bought at coney island over the summer
  • “I heart repro rights” sticker I got at an abortion access benefit concert
  • Ticket Stub from Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo” Tour in October of 2016
  • Picture of me and friend, Nia at Coney Island this summer
  • A card from my grandma wishing me good luck on the semester
  • My “I ohio voting” sticker I got when I voted during the presidential election in November
  • A photo strip of me and my two best friends from high school the night before we graduated
  • A map of the vulva i got at a reproductive justice conference I went to last spring 2 days after my grandpa died.
  • My VIP wristband from the abortion access concert i went to last fall
  • A plastic jewel I found on the ground at a Kanye West Concert
  • A polaroid of me holding a Hillary Clinton etched yoyo
  • An embroidery of my name my friend Andy made for me for Christmas.

Relevance: These are the artifacts of a lot of really important moments in my life that shaped who I am today, and are objects that represent larger moments and events such as Hillary Clinton’s campaign and reproductive justice activism.


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