Customized Nalgene Water Bottles



Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Creator: Nalgenes made in the US, Curated with stickers by Andy Krew and Julia Deninger


Date Created: 2015-present


Location: Baltimore, MD, Boston, MA,  Oberlin, OH


Context: Nalgene water bottles are a well- known, inexpensive, and American made product. Many people on Oberlin’s campus decorate these ordinary translucent water bottles with stickers they have either purchase or receive at events on and off campus.
Potential Significance: On Oberlin’s campus, you can tell a lot about a person by their water bottle. People decorate it with stickers that reflect their political ideologies, what activities they’re involved with on campus, and other general interests. Certain stickers such as the “Obie” sticker sold at Ben Franklin and the stickers often passed out by Students United For Reproductive Freedom on campus, are symbols that act as a continuous thread throughout the campus. Overall, in an age where everyone wants everything to be personalized, nalgenes are an inexpensive way to capture a lot about a person in a very pragmatic object.


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