Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign



Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Creator: Unknown


Date Created: Unknown, but most likely between 2010- the present


TItle: Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign

Location: A bathroom stall


Context: This bathroom sign, expressing that any person may use that bathroom regardless of their gender identity or expression is part of a growing trend to push for safe spaces, especially in essential places such as restrooms, for trans folks in response to “bathroom bills” in North Carolina and Oklahoma that prohibit trans folks from using their desired bathroom because of false narratives of sexual promiscuity and overall questioning of the validity of their identity.


Potential Prevalence: While this sign is important, President Donald Trump just placed a ban forbidding trans students to use the bathrooms of their choice in Oklahoma, representing a much larger discourse of hatred and bigotry. Gender neutral bathrooms like this are important, but there needs to be a larger push for them outside of smaller liberal communities such as Oberlin.


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