Mug display at The Local




Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Creator: Mugs created by and purchased by Oberlin College Students and community members


Date Created: 2012- present, evolving, non-static


Title: Mug display at The Local, a popular coffee shop on Oberlin College’s campus.


Location: Oberlin, Ohio


Context: At The Local, one of the two popular coffee shops on Oberlin’s campus , as customers enter, they pass multiple shelves of assorted handmade, vintage, and Oberlin themed mugs. While these shelves are intended to be a storage space for regulars to store their mugs to cut down on environmental waste, these shelves are rarely touched, serving almost as an art piece.
Potential Relevance: I’m very much interested in archives that document the small everyday images in one’s life. One’s that are persistent, but without documentation will inevitably fade. As of now I can list off the various mugs that represent different Oberlin character tropes- the cow mug that either represents the sweet town grandma, or the ironic hipster, the hand crafted mugs purchased from Ginko, the Local Mug from 2015,etc.  but  once I leave this campus, this memory will fade away. Additionally i’m interested in the social experiment conducted by these mugs- they act as a space of community, but also have a shrine- like presence.


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