Thinx Period Underwear

Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Creator: Miki Agrawal (CEO of company)

Date Created: Founded 2010,  ad campaigns photographed in 2015

Location: Made in Sri Lanka, based in New York.

Context: Thinx are underwear designed for women and other people who menstruate and is designed to absorb menstrual blood similar to a maxi pad. They are specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing and at a relatively high price point, they are only accessible to certain groups of people, most notably white, liberal women who can afford this investment, and might be attracted to the trendiness of the product.
Potential Relevance: During the 20th century there were three major innovations in the menstruation products market: The adhesive tape on sanitary napkins, the invention of the tampon (which was by a man), and the invention of menstrual cups. Thinx are the next innovation in the period market space, and also represents a push in mainstream feminist discourse to destigmatize and even make a trend out of menstruation. Their ad campaign featuring a trans man and acknowledging his menstruation is also representative of a push for gender neutral language concerning menstruation and reproductive health care in certain feminist/activist circles.


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