Tinder Profiles



Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Creator: Steffi, Chloe, Sean, and Jerome

Date Created: 2012-2017


Name of Document: Profile pages of Four Tinder Users


Location: Profiles created in the US and in Europe


Context: Tinder is a location based dating app that has played off of our generation’s obsession with instant gratification and short-lived human interactions. While labeled as a dating app, where one swipes left or right on someone’s profile, indicating whether or not they would be interested in dating them, Tinder is mostly known as an app to find partners to engage in casual sexual activities with.
Potential Relevance: Tinder has dominated college campuses and in many ways has reshaped how we interact with others. On Oberlin’s campus, tinder serves not the purpose of finding partners, but also as a digital space where one can curate their own desirability and social capital. Tinder is a double edged sword because while it satisfies some people sexually and emotionally, it simultaneously fuels a sometimes dangerous hook up culture that equates number of sexual partners, or the frequency in which someone is having sex, with their own validity. I know people who have had satisfying one night stands and even established relationships through tinder, but also people who’ve had very different experiences. 


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