Wildfire Test Pit


Creator: Izzie Levinson

Date Created: 2016

Name of the Document: Wildfire Test Pit

Location: Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, OH (via The Oberlin Review online: https://oberlinreview.org/10790/arts/fred-wilson-intervenes-at-amam-sculpture-court/)

Context: Conceptual and installation artist Fred Wilson brings his practice of “mining the museum” to Oberlin’s own AMAM, redesigning the sculpture court to celebrate and challenge the history of one of Oberlin’s early students of color, Edmonia Lewis

Potential relevance for the future: Wilson’s practice utilizes the museum archive as a means of pushing museum education and accessibility and fusing politics and the arts for viewers. By bringing this practice to Oberlin, Wilson has cast light anew onto the tragic history of Edmonia Lewis, forcing viewers — including Oberlin’s own community — to reconcile with these complex narratives, and encouraging us to create a better future with the new knowledge of the real history behind us.

Other relevant headings: Fred Wilson, Conceptual art, AMAM, artists at Oberlin, exhibition files, Andria Derstine


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