Kris Jenner on OJ Simpson

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Creator: Izzie Levinson

Date Created: March 1, 2016

Name of the Document: “Kris Jenner on O.J. Simpson”


Context: Kris Jenner was formerly married to Robert Kardashian, Sr., a Beverly Hills lawyer and longtime best friend of O.J. Simpson. While Jenner and Kardashian were married, they had a close friendship with O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. Kardashian ultimately ended up as part of the all-star defense team working with Simpson during the trial, a tenuous arrangement given Jenner’s close friendship with the victim. Years after Kardashian’s death, Jenner would turn her family into the reality TV enterprise known as Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Throughout the show, the members of the family have skirted their relationship to the Simpson trial, talking about it infrequently but sometimes acknowledging their close relationships with both parties involved.

Potential relevance for the future: The reappropriation of such a macabre event as packaged by palatable reality TV programming seems to be just a part of the Kardashian ethos, not to mention the nature of contemporary media generally. Jenner’s willingness to talk about the trial as seen here emblematizes the “tell-all” performance of the show, and the questionable ways in which the family — along with many others close to the events of the 1994 murders — have used the events to bolster their own celebrities.

Other relevant headings: Kris Jenner, Ellen deGeneres, OJ Simpson, Robert Kardashian, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, talk shows, reality TV, Nicole Brown Simpson, murder, murder victims, trauma


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