Oberlin White Boy Bingo

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.55.15 PM

Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Creator: Esther Espeland, Oberlin Class of 2017

Date Created: February 2017

Name: Oberlin White Boy Bingo

Location: Oberlin, Ohio

Context: This is a bingo board created by a senior at Oberlin College, marks general trends in Oberlin culture, particularly hookup culture, and how that relates to notions of privilege and whiteness that manifest themselves on this campus. This scarily accurate bingo board captures and pokes fun at hipster culture and  certain interpretations of feminism amongst white cisgender liberal men and applies it to Oberlin specific situations such as including locations such as “above subway” and activities such as being in a coop, or being part of the Oberlin frisbee team.
Relevance for the future: This bingo board, which  went momentarily viral in certain social circles on campus, perfectly encapsulates the specific kinds of white, liberal men on Oberlin’s campus and addresses large themes in Oberlin’s specific culture which to many individuals prides casual sex, apathy, and social justice as an aesthetic and not an actually guide by which one should lead their life. The format of bingo not only makes this comical, but points to how many of these situations exist simultaneously in one individual, or one’s relationship with said individual. More than a campus brochure, or an address from Marvin Krislov, this artifact captures the essence of Oberlin in this moment.


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