“Burn Techie Scum” T-Shirt


Archived by: Camille Klein

Creator: DIY creation by my roommate (Alyssa Mattocks)

Date Created: March 9, 2017

Location: Oberlin, Ohio

Context: Shirt hand-painted with politically charged slogan

Potential Relevance For The Future: This is a garment created by a friend of mine who has a difficult/rapidly displaced relationship with her hometown of San Francisco, which has a lot to do with the still increasing influx of ‘techies’ aka often gentrifying populations who move to cities like these to take advantage of careers/opportunities in the tech industry/ecosystem of startup corporations/culture. I am archiving this t-shirt/shot of her wearing it because I think this phenomenon is becoming more and more common for people of our generation from cities that have transformed/developed so quickly in our own lifetimes, into a place that can be somewhat difficult to recognize/still feel apart of. I personally share this experience to a certain degree with my home city of Portland, which is upsetting and complicated in that I also recognize myself as a force/potential cause of this negative change. This message specifically though, “burn techie scum” refers to a fairly niche community that is not necessarily evil/intentionally harmful, but a target for frustration nonetheless. This shirt is lighthearted and intended as comical, in reference to the “die hippie scum” mantras of past protestors in this locale, also in her casual wearing of it, but still speaks to a larger, quite serious issue at hand in our society today.





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