Google Image Search of the term “Healthy body”


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.09.07 PM.png


Archived by Lotte Brewer

Created by: Google Images


Date Created: March 16th, 2017


Name: Google Image search of the term “healthy body”




Context: This is an image search of the term “healthy body” on the world’s most frequently used search engine.

Relevance:  As someone who has been studying public health through multiple courses at Oberlin, I am fascinated by the way our society has intertwined eurocentric beauty standards with concepts of health. Mechanisms such as BMI have equated height and weight with health without context and public health organizations have created rhetoric that shames those who do not adhere to this rigid beauty standards whether the individual is that way by choice or not. Concepts of health have additionally been racialized. The google image only has white, thin bodies. Their evident smiles elude to mental health being a component of health, but again, also equate this particularly body type as the only type of person who’s happy.


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