March 2017 Issue of Art in America


Archived by: Camille Klein

Creator: Art in America

Date Created: March 16, 2017

Location: Clarence Ward art library, Oberlin, Ohio

Context: Newest issue of big name arts publication, Art in America

Potential Relevance For The Future: As with last month’s issue (filed a bit deeper back in this archive), I am choosing to preserve this publication as an example of contemporary arts culture, a source of information I read on and off depending on my location, (which is easily attainable here given its existence in the art library collection). With this issue in particular, I was immediately drawn in by the cover, featuring a painting by Henry Taylor whose work I admire a lot. Text wise, this edition had an interesting spread on artist Sean Raspet’s project with/of Soylent, headlined as “involvement in meal-replacement start-ups hark[ing] back to Bauhaus ambitions to transform everyday life through art”, which is a potentially interesting topic of focus, this kind of aesthetic, future/cyborg approach to food as sustaining fuel and the implications of distribution/consumption of such a manufactured product/elitist presentation of nutrition. Though presented through an extremely exclusive lens, this magazine attempts to highlight the ‘what’s what’ of contemporary art in our current time period.




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