Oberlin Condom Grams




Archived by: Lotte Brewer


Created by: Oberlin Students United for Reproductive Freedom


Date Created: February 12-14th 2017


Name: Valentine’s Day Condom-grams


Location: Oberlin, OH


Context: These “condom-grams” are valentine’s day cards with condoms inside, made by Oberlin Students United for Reproductive Freedom annually in the spirit of promoting safer sex practices on campus. Students can send condoms as well as information about how to turn a condom into a dental dam, to their friends, acquaintances, and significant others.


Relevance: These condom-grams document the work of a very prominent student group on campus and also are evidence of the campus’ large push for safer sex practices, including using barrier methods. One problem on this campus however is the conflation of promoting safer sex and sex positivity with shaming those who do not frequently have sex for one reason or another. These condom grams while well intentioned could be used as a piece of evidence in the arguments both for and against this specific kind of sex positivity that thrives on this campus.


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