Oberlin Crush


Archived by: Lotte Brewer

Created by: Unknown

Date Created: October 6th, 2016

Name: Obie Crush

Location: Facebook Page entitled “Obie Crushes”

Context: This a post made by the popular facebook page “Obie Crushes” where Oberlin students through an anonymous google form post compliments or “crushes” about other people on campus. One of the most satisfying things I have experienced on campus is after a long day getting a compliment from a stranger on the internet. Obie crushes additionally give an individual a web presence for the rest of the school to see. Oberlin crushes have donned people on this campus with personas and nicknames taht stick outside of Facebook, and have even been featured in “The Grape”, Oberlin’s alternative student newspaper.
Relevance: This Facebook page is a digital space where Obies can interact with one another and convey their friendly, as well as sexual attractions for someone in what they feel is a “safe space.” This documents a specific kind of Oberlin community that couldn’t exist before the internet. Additionally, this specific Obie crush which values the discussion of gendered capitalism, shows that even in this anonymous space, Obies value intellect and social justice ideologies in others.


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