Promotion for Father Show at the Sco


Archived by: Camille Klein

Creator: Unknown (SUPC)

Date Created: March 9, 2017

Location: Wilder Hall, Oberlin Ohio

Context: Informational flyer for upcoming show at the Oberlin ‘Sco (venue space)

Potential Relevance For The Future: This is a poster I encountered all throughout campus this week advertising an upcoming show at the Sco for a performance by Father, a rapper from Atlanta. The show itself/events at the Sco are a good indicator of popular cultural interests for our campus population, at least in terms of who we are able to bring here given our resources/budget as a college, and the Sco itself stands as a fairly accessible/highly frequented venue space, centrally located and somewhat diverse in content (not incredibly impressive, but). I personally do not know anything about this artist, other than his most popular song “Look at Wrist”, but I did buy a ticket/plan to go because I think it’s important to force myself to attend at least some events on campus/it’s actually just an excuse to go out and socialize in a predictable environment. I anticipate a decent turnout because I think a lot of people like this artist/genre.



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