T- Shirt that says “White girls copying gay men copying black girls”


Archived by Lotte Brewer

Created by: Unknown, found on Instagram

Date Created: 2016


Name: T-shirt that says “White girls copying gay men copying black girls”


Location: Instagram app


Context: This shirt featured on a social justice instagram page draws attention to cultural appropriation in the fashion industry as well as in pop culture as an larger capitalist industry. Cultural appropriation has recently become a popular term in liberal communities because deeply rooted histories in America of people of color’s art being stolen by white artists or consumers who then profit off of it. Clothing and hair trends that originated in black communities have been seen as markers of sloppiness or inferiority in the white dominated media, but have later been “elevated” when adorned by thin white bodies.
Relevance: This t-shirt makes references to hot topics in liberal communities right now and displays how social justice is becoming “trendy” and marketable through clothing. Additionally, by stating that gay men are stealing from black women, the artist is pointing out that marginalized groups still have the capacity to oppress others, an important and rarely pointed out statement.


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