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Archived by: Lotte Brewer


Creator: Unknown


Date Created: May 21st, 2015






Context: Shirley, otherwise known as Mama Sco, is a woman in her mid 50s, who works at The Sco, a student performance space/ “club” in the basement of Wilder Hall, Oberlin’s student union. One of the main attractions of The Sco, Splitchers, is a weekly dance night (named after half off pitchers of beer) where drunk underage students can go on Wednesdays to dance and occasionally find others to have casual sex with. Before one enters the Sco, they must get a wristband indicating whether or not they can legally drink in the space. Here is where they interact with Mama Sco, who with a no-nonsense attitude that is often interpreted as rudeness, assess one’s ID and when suspicious checks student’s bags and confiscated alcohol from them. Most people on this campus have a story, or at the very least know of a story, about an interaction with Mama Sco. This blog is a satire created by an unknown Oberlin student who mimicks Mama Sco’s mannerisms and adds a new dimension to her Oberlin legacy.


Relevance: This digital satire displays not only information about Oberlin as a campus, but reveals how Oberlin students and their behavior can conflict dramatically with that associated with the town. “Mama Sco” in this piece comments on whiney Oberlin liberals and does so in a fashion that current students find funny and oddly enough, accurate. This piece reveals quite a bit about student life here on campus, and in the future could be a great tool for analyzing what has and hasn’t changed about student life here at Oberlin.


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