Traditional Indian Earring


Creator: Lyala Khan

Date Created: 31st January, 2017

Name of document: Earring

Location: Asia House Courtyard, Oberlin College

Context: This is a traditional Indian earring designed to be worn on one ear by women who are not married. These kinds of earrings are crafted in the state of Rajasthan in India.

Potential Relevance: What is interesting about this art form from which this earring was created is that it is an art that men are engaged in. In the state of Rajasthan, these earrings are designed carved by men. This particular craft was designed to demonstrate that engaging in art is not a solely female practice. This is relevant because it broke gender boundaries in India and opened conversations regarding gender roles. To this day there are a number of things that are considered to be predominantly male or female. Having men engage in even something as small as the making of earrings proved to be an important step towards equality of labor.